Welcome to Microscale Embedded

The platform that empowers you to design and build hi-tech products!

Parts Sourcing

We are the longest running online store in Nigeria that is dedicated to electronics components.

Design and Production

Let us help you translate your product ideas into reality. We help you with design, prototyping, component sourcing and Manufacturing.

These services are targeted at SMEs, Research Institutes, the self-employed and even students and hobbyists. This service aims at providing a platform for the growth of high tech manufacturing in Nigeria. We have helped to introduce a number of products including tablet computers, inverters, and the automatic changeover switch.

Our services are designed to power high-tech startups and SMEs and make them succeed.

Our expertise has also proved useful for large Companies and Manufacturers and we have helped a number of clients save a lot on equipment repair by helping them find local solutions or help them source components needed to repair faulty modules instead of replacing the entire module. We have clients in the oil, telecoms, and textile industries.

About Us