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MAX 456

MAX 456

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The MAX456 is the first monolithic CMOS 8 x 8 video crosspoint switch that significantly reduces component count, board space, and cost. The crosspoint switch contains a digitally controlled matrix of 64 T-switches that connect eight video input signals to any, or all, output channels. Each matrix output connects to eight internal, high-speed (250V/µs), unity-gain-stable buffers capable of driving 400Ω and 20pF to ±1.3V. For applications requiring increased drive capability, the MAX456 outputs can be connected directly to two MAX470 quad, gain-of-two video buffers, which are capable of driving 75Ω loads. Three-state output capability and internal, programmable active loads make it feasible to parallel multiple MAX456s and form larger switch matrices.

Technical Specification

  • Routes Any Input Channel to Any Output Channel
  • Switches Standard Video Signals
  • Serial or Parallel Digital Interface
  • Expandable for Larger Switch Matrices
  • 80dB All-Channel Off Isolation at 5MHz
  • 8 Internal Buffers with:
    • 250V/µs Slew Rate, Three-State Output Capability,
    • Power-Saving Disable Feature, 35MHz Bandwidth
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